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What to Bring

Other than proof of vaccination and a few forms — just bring your dog. We provide everything else!

Proof of Vaccination
For day and overnight care, please bring proof of all current vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, for the first visit.

Pet Profile, Agreement & Registration
Please complete these three forms and bring with you, along with proof of vaccination on your first visit.

A brief paragraph or two on the Pet Profile Form describing your dog will help us plan a fun and nurturing visit.

  • What are his favorite games and toys?
  • What are her likes and dislikes?
  • What are your dog's fears?
  • Is there behavioral issue you would like to address?

We provide Solid Gold brand dog food. If you prefer a special diet for your dog, bring it along — we have many dogs who come with their own specially prepared meals.

If your dog comes to the Dog Stop for 10 days or more, we will purchase the food of your choice at no additional charge.

If your dog requires supplements or special medications, we will administer at no additional cost.

Personal Items
Please leave all personal items at home. Dogs can become very possessive of their toys, bones and bedding in a new group setting. To avoid potential problems we provide a variety of fun toys, snacks and bedding.

Anti-bark Collars
If you use an anti-bark collar at home, please bring the collar with you. Human and dogs alike become upset by excessive barking. And the stress and anxiety that is created can lead to aggressive behavior.



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