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Meet the Dog Stop Members

Humans: AmyBrent

Dogs: TrooperSampson (Sammy)

Other Members

Meet Amy

Amy, resident "Pack Mom" and owner/operator of the Dog Stop Doggie Day Care, is an experienced animal handler. She grew up with dogs as members of the family and developed a deep respect for them. She has raised her own family the same way.

Amy started her own dog walking/sitting business and worked with horses and dogs at a local wildlife rehab center as a kid in her Connecticut home town. Those early experiences helped her realize that only a non-traditional training approach would work for her. She sensed that compassionate, non-threatening training was the best way for her to achieve lasting and fulfilling bonds with animals. And this is the handling style she uses today at the Dog Stop.

Her natural ability to communicate with animals, particularly dogs, has lead to a thriving canine-centered business. And the dogs know that they are in good hands.

Amy Says: "Working with dogs is like being on vacation every day. They are all fun, honest, warm members of my family.

And the whole family is involved by the way -- including her canine companions Trooper, Sammy, Tracker and Coach.

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Meet Brent

Brent, Amy's son and second resident human in command, helps with daycare duties when he's not attending high school. With Amy's upbringing and respect for animals, it makes perfect sense that Brent was raised the same way and has the same respect. His intuitive handling style is a big hit with all the Dog Stop members.

Brent is also the designer and creator of many of the Dog Stop house features.

All the dogs are curious when Brent begins a new project -- and they can't wait to inspect his latest work.

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Meet Trooper - In Memorium

Trooper was a mild mannered canine partner and day care moderator at the Dog Stop. He was the big canine brother to all the other dogs.

Before Trooper was born, Amy and her children were foster parenting his mom. Trooper was first of the litter (which probably explains his big brother tendencies). Brent and Amy were there for his arrival and named him on the spot. The deep bond that's developed between them was clearly evident -- a bond that words can't quite describe.

Trooper was well known for his morning greeting to all who came to The Dog Stop, even as his illness progressed. He was always happy to see a friend arrive. In fact he practically sang for joy. He kept a watchful eye out for all the dogs (as well as everyone else around the facility), and if anything looked suspicious to Trooper, he'd let Amy know.

Trooper passed away November 2004 and now watches over his family and friends from a favorite spot in his yard. We all miss him dearly for he was a truly unique canine personality who brough joy to all those around him.

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Meet Sampson (Sammy) - In Memorium

Sampson found his first human family when he was 6 months old at a campground in New Hampshire where he'd been abandoned. After 11 happy years with his adopted family, life changed. His family worked and traveled a lot and the children went off to school. Lonely at home alone, Sammy frequently stayed at the Dog Stop while they were gone. One day, when they came to pick him up, Sammy calmly walked into the Dog Stop house— and stayed. He'd once again made his own decision and adopted his new home and family. And his former family was happy that he chose a safe, attentive environment.

Gentle Sammy, who was hearing impaired, was an older dog who enjoyed living with his Dog Stop family. He was usually on hand for hellos and goodbyes. His sweet personality is missed by his family and friends.

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Other Members

These are just a few of the family members. Meet the other members in residence.

  • Terese, Amy's daughter, who now works off site in the non-canine world, helps out when needed. She's known for her compassionate nature and has a knack for finding those in need. Critter is one of her "great saves".
  • Tracker loves to play and chase tennis balls, so if he's in the yard when you arrive and brings you the ball, throw it for him. He's small, but he doesn't know it, and he's fast and has and has bold convictions.
  • Coach is a lively black and white dog who has the cutest dog smile ever. He's a happy young guy who learned all there is to know from his best buddy and mentor, Trooper. He's now in charge of round ups.
  • Houston, a cat who born into an unwanted litter and taken away from his mother at three weeks, now lives a pleasant life of leisure as official "Office Cat", keeping watch from perches far away from the dogs.

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